Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Blog Worthy Thursday: Obama Tickets!

So this morning started off just like any other; my alarm went off, I slept in a little, then jumped into the shower for some speedy freshening up.  The difference in this morning came as I was getting dressed, and saw my dad was calling my phone.  I picked it up as I struggled to pull my jeans up, and he told me OBAMA was coming to Ann Arbor {my home town} tomorrow to speak!  I was so excited!  He let me know that the line for tickets started officially forming 5 minutes ago {7:00}and tickets were going to be distributed starting nine.  I basically raced out the door with my wet hair and a bagel in my mouth -- forget school!

As I got there I was a bit discouraged, seeing as I was well back into the line and they only had 3,000 tickets to give out.  Fortunately, around 9:30 a classmate of mine from school was walking around selling extra red ticket stubs that would be exchanged for tickets.  He recognized me and let me have one and move way up in the line and stand with him and some others.  It was surreal!  After waiting in the cold for a good 5 hours, I got inside and my hands were so cold that I could barely sign my ticket. That's right.  My ticket.  I'm seeing the president tomorrow instead of zoning out in AP Stats class! :) anyways, had to share, along with some pictures.

I'll update tomorrow and hopefully have some pictures as well.


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